How to crack the campus interviews with an ease?

how to crack interview tips
I’m Supriya pursuing, Despite attending so many campuses drives. I’m not getting placed in campus placements.


What should I do to crack the interview process?

Companies visit the colleges for campus placements to hire B.Tech graduates, as B.Tech being a professional degree companies hire freshers directly for entry level positions. Few companies hire graduates irrespective of their branch with good academics, Technical skill and good in different terms like Attitude, Aptitude etc.

In the CRT training classes colleges are mostly concentrating on Arithmetic and logical thinking, Group discussion topics and programming skills etc. But these skills are not sufficient for companies, they expect some additional skills while selecting a candidate.

There is huge competition in the campus placements you must be well prepared to crack the interview. In general, companies expect three things from a fresher they are:

1. Aptitude

2. Attitude

3. Technology

  • Aptitude test is to know the person’s thinking ability, problem-solving skills, how he/she handles the tough situations when required and approach towards a problem.
  • Attitude is how you behave in the interview (the way you dress, presentation skills, attire etc) and your attitude in terms of working with the company.
  • Technology: Considering you are getting into software industry, be prepared with the things like:
    1. What are different programming languages?

    2. What are different databases?

    3. What are the latest technologies in the market?

  • Companies expect from a fresher to be aware of the basics:
    1. Any Programming language basics (mostly C or JAVA)

    2. Database commands (SQL commands)

    3. Operating system (LINUX commands)

To prepare well for each round of interview as a fresher we have articles for written test, Group discussion, Technical round and HR interview etc. We have provided detail information on the website. Cease the opportunity to be a better informed, through the articles you will find all the required information.