Ten successful tips for B.tech students while preparing for interviews


Ten successful tips for B.tech students while preparing campus interviews:


Campus placements are the major part of student’s life. In the final year of B.Tech your focus is shifted to the interview preparation and at the same time, you should concentrate on your final exams project and backlogs etc.  So you have to focus more on cracking the interview along with managing all the other things, wondering how? Below is a list of top 10 tips to be nailed, while preparing for your campus interview:

Meet academic requirements:

The student should ensure he/she clears all their backlogs by their Fourth Year Second semester before the companies come to colleges for recruiting. In most of the companies, the eligibility percentage to attend the interview is minimum 65%. The students should maintain their academics throughout their graduation to attain the required scores and to face the best.

Command over the subjects:

Students should have good command over their stream of graduation. If the student is not from CSE or IT streams but is aiming to get into the IT sector, he/she should demonstrate good knowledge of their core branch subjects so that the interviewer will get the impression that the candidate is a quick learner and is trainable.


Communication skills:

“Having good communication skills is must for cracking any interview”-This is one of the most often repeated advice in any career guidance lecture. What big in that, if you have highly innovative ideas but cannot articulate them for your teammates or your manager? Companies generally prefer students with good communication skills with average academic percentages over those with excellent grades but poor in communication skills.


Practical knowledge on technologies:

IT companies expect a fresh B.Tech graduate to have a good understanding of a programming language, a database and an operating system (Linux commands). In addition to these, students should try to gain basic knowledge of latest technologies in the market and their application.


Research about the Company:

In order to get into the right workplace, students should have information regarding the companies recruiting B.Tech freshers on campus. Students should be informed about the company’s technology platforms and the career progression in the selected field. Without this information, a student might land up in a job which doesn’t match his skills and interests.


Active Participation in co-curricular and extracurricular activities:

Participation in co-curricular and extracurricular activities brings out leadership and team building skills in a person. Companies consider these aspects when the competition is tough.


Aptitude and reasoning skills:
The engineering graduate should be strong in terms of aptitude and critical thinking. Standard books on reasoning, quantitative aptitude, and mathematical puzzles will help students hone their skills. These skills come in handy for those planning to appear for Bank, SSC, insurance sector, etc exams also.


Presentation skills:

Interviewers often give more importance to non-verbal communication over verbal communication. So, students should follow the formal dress code, maintain eye contact while talking, shake hand firmly and be confident during interviews.


Be in contact with seniors:

Staying in touch with college seniors could prove to be of immense help especially in the case of company referral drives and walk-in interviews. At times seniors working, bring their campus drives to the colleges for placements.


Prepare an impressive resume:

Resume preparation forms a very important part of applying for jobs. By the time you enter your 4-2, you must have a well-prepared resume which sums up your career goals, academic and extracurricular achievements, projects, hobbies, etc. Know that your resume speaks to the interviewer before you meet him. So, put in your best efforts and try to make it innovative. You can create infographics in place of plain text resume.