What technologies are worth learning for B.tech graduates!

technologies to learn
Technologies to learn

Once you are of out of your campus, you are expected to learn more, improve yourself in both communication skills and subject knowledge to have an edge over others. Prepare few checkpoints like –

  • Why I am going to learn this Technology?
  • How much time it will take for me to learn it?
  • How much it’s going to cost me?
  • Demand for the technology? Are there any job offers for this technology in the market?

Here are few guidelines in choosing right technologies for a fresher level candidate –

  • In general, for fresher level, jobs companies looks for
    1. Programming languages (Basics), SQL commands, LINUX commands

    2. Aptitude, Reasoning and problem-solving skills

    3. Good communication skills

  • Few things to check before choosing a technology:
    • As a fresher you need not be master of all the technologies, the companies will look only basic knowledge in one programming language, basics of database and Linux commands is enough.

    • If you have completed one year in the market by learning some random courses then the company’s requirements may change because you are already in the market for one year.

    • If this is your case then learn one programming language perfectly and do some project on that to show the difference between you and your junior.

    • Do not plan to join in high-end courses like HADOOP, BIG DATA, Salesforce, SAP, Oracle Apps and tools like QTP, Selenium because no company hires freshers in these technologies.

    • If any institute / Trainer recommend you to learn these high-end technologies, please do verify the job with the job portals if any company is hiring in these areas.

    • Learning a wrong technology will not only kill your money but is also a waste of your time. Never look for salary as criteria to join the company, if they are offering you a good role and good learning it’s worthwhile to wait for the compensation later.