Freshers? Where you should join Start-up or MNC- Here’s the Help:

MNC Vs Start-up

So, earlier we had written about various career opportunities for graduates. Now, it’s time to discuss “where you can avail those opportunities”.

In this blog we want to make you clear about- Which is good to go start-up or big corporations. Let’s roll up our sleeves on this regard.

Well, I have seen many bright techies in their final year, got placed in various big corporate. But they have their heart at start-ups. With this, they are confused hell about where to start their career. This blog is for you, It will make you clear about “joining MNC” vs. Joining Start-ups as a fresher.

I have worked in a Big MNC, now I’m working for a start-up….!

I can’t say that working for a start-up will be a cake walk for you always. Let’s start with hardships first.

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Cons of working for a start-up:

  1. Yeah, big companies pay more initially than a start-up and come with comfortable benefits.
  2. You have a lot of things to manage at a time.
  3. Relatively low job security when compared to start-up
  4. You may not get compliments or appreciation for the work you have done.
  5. Your boss may get angry on you for no reason because he himself will be under pressure.
  6. You won’t get typical (9-5) jobs.
  7. Foreign trips? Forget it. Don’t even imagine for another country trip.
  8. You may not get good infrastructure.


Don’t worry, Having said these, there are a lot of real, and career defining reasons to choose start-ups over MNC. Like-


Pros of joining a start-up:

  1. You will be provided with more opportunities.
  2. You were able to try different hats. (different things)
  3. You can learn from true innovators.
  4. Flexible atmosphere.
  5. You can work in an awesome atmosphere:
  • No dress code (I can wear whatever I choose to wear)
  • I will enjoy my work by cracking jokes
  • You can drink beer on your desk! Provided only on special occasions. 😉
  • You can work with the people who have that same spark like you.
  1. You can learn the things that will help you to start your own business someday.
  2. Absolutely no office politics, hence you need not waste time on that.
  3. You can learn more and be a better person in a shorter span.
  4. An interesting, and challenging atmosphere.
  5. You can work in the way you want to work

But, if you ask about Big MNC’s. It is another way around. The pros of start-ups will be the cons while working for MNC’s and vice-versa.

To sum up, working for start-ups is more risky, provided with fruitful benefits. This exemplifies the saying “Higher the risk, Higher the returns”.

However, joining a start-up or MNC depends upon your career goal. But I can strongly say that Working in a start-up is like investing for your future. Yeah, you may earn less than your friends did, but you worth doing that by end-of-the-day.