The secret of landing your first job using social media:

social media as job searching mantra


Social media is a key player in the job search process today:

Most of HR professionals think that it’s important for job seekers to have online presence. When we say social media it may include- Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, blogger, Google+, viadeo. These sites will help the recruiter to know more about you than your resume, cover letter and interview speaks about you.

You might research all possible ways to land into your first job, but you might not be as familiar with latest technology for job search: social media.

Most people know how to use social media for their most people know how to use social media for their personal lives, but it has power to make or break your job search.

A well developed online presence through blogging, social media and networking can demonstrate that you have the desired skills and knowledge without necessarily the hands on experience.

So, what’s the top online channel for job search? 9/10 recruiters say its Linkedin. But there are many sources. How can you tap into the power of social media by avoiding the pitfalls to make jobs search easier? We’ve gathered all the tips you need to use every platform out there to your advantage.

  1. Create relevant profiles:

    The first step towards your dream job is building compelling and professional profile. Make sure that it includes your interested areas. Ensure your profiles especially (linkedin) contains up-to-date information.

  2. Networking:

    The next successful step that you can put forward is networking. Connecting with the people in your industry, Linkedin groups are true source to do this. Search for the similar groups and join them and indentify people who are active and vibrant then introduce you to them. Trust us that will pay you off.

  3. Engage yourself:

    CVCORP recommends you to follow companies in your field on social media channels, so that you’re automatically updated with the new happenings in the company like- product development, job openings etc. Like the posts of the companies that you are interested in. This is the best way to demonstrate your interest and potentiality to the recruiter.

  4. Don’t ask for a job:

    Though you are desperate about the job, don’t show it off. I mean to say that never ask for a job upfront, just connect with the potential people and let them see that you are intelligent, capable and a right fit. You can make it by updating your statuses, sharing or retweeting the relevant content that you have read before.

  5. Personal branding:

    In addition with professional and consistent profile picture and name, you want people to know about you, who you are, what you do and where you’re going. Know more about personal branding in our next blog! Stay tuned.

    Well, this takes me to an end. The good news is there are new opportunities popping up every day. So, continue building relationships and invest in personal branding. And that’s all you are ready to enjoy the benefits.