How to self introspect yourself after an Interview:

How to self introspect yourself after an interview
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Evaluating the interview performance after an interview is the most prominent step that one should take. It will help in improving the interview skills for further interviews. Before your interviewer holds the rating bar for your performance, evaluate yourself. Use this opportunity to scale up your skills, be prepared for coming interview. (If not this).

Ask yourself:

  1. Were you thoroughly prepared for the interview?
  2. Could you be even better with more practice?
  3. What is your to-do list for next interview?

Many students fail in the series of interviews; because they tend to repeat same mistakes but they want different responses from interviewers. Without reflection of their previous performance and rigorous practices, their interviews are flawed.

So, let’s roll up your sleeves in evaluating yourselves after the interview. Hence take a closer look on pointers to evaluate you.

Note: After stepping out of the interview room, you might feel like repaying the interview process- but is it necessary to do immediately? Relax, sit somewhere and try to pen down all the topics and your replies, on a paper. Remember every point is an essential learning.

  1. Preparation:

    Preparing for the interview pays you off. Imagine if we are preparing much for normal presentation at our college, then to what extent we have to prepare for the interview. Often the worst thing that you can do is attending an interview unprepared. The recruiter can easily figure out whether you came prepared or not. Proper research and ground work speak up your commitment and seriousness. Things you should research include:

  • The products or services that the company offers.
  • The financial performance of the company.
  • The future plans and goals of the company.
  • The company’s competition and their industry in general.
  • Company’s statistical details.
  1. Presentation:

    It is natural to be nervous during the interview, but what differs from being accepted and rejected is the way you present yourself. Didn’t present well in the interview? Think back to your last interview. Did you do any of the following?

  • Did you break eye contact?
  • Do you smile too much?
  • Did you present yourself as you are lacking self-confidence?

If you are doing that, then it’s time to do mock interviews, and overcome all the false practices.

  1. Your responses for tricky questions:

    Remember if interviewer shoots you with the tough questions, that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t like you. Employers will only be looking for the very best candidates to take forward. Hence the way you handle the tricky questions makes more sense. But the way you answer such questions comes with prior research and practice you have done.

  2. Positives and negatives:

    The thorough assessment about your positives and negatives in the interview process makes you successful. Always think about “what you can learn from this experience?”. On a scale ranging from one to ten rate yourself on the following aspects

  • Did I arrive on time?
  • How did I introduce myself?
  • Am I professional?
  • Did I speak clearly?
  • How was my Body language?
  • Did I Build good rapport with the interviewer?
  • Did I stress more on my strengths?
  • Did I talk about my weakness in a positive manner?
  • Did I handle the difficult questions with ease, or did I fumble aimlessly?
  • Did I ask good questions about the role?
  • Were things left on a positive note?
  1. Follow-up:

 Some candidates may lose follow-up, even after giving good performance in the interview. It may cost you the job because for many companies follow-up is also the part of the interview process. It speaks up how desperate you are in this job?

A simple thank you can make you stand out from the crowd. But make sure that you stand out for right reasons, don’t piss them off. Get it touch within a day or two, also consider the way that they want to communicate.

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