Why many candidates are facing rejection in an interview

reasons why candidates face rejection in interview



There is a very high competition in the job market these days. You need to be ready for the interviews by the time of your 4th year. Getting an IT job is not an easy task even the best candidates fail at this stage. Your resume is the face of your skills so you need to prepare a good resume and be ready to meet interviewer’s expectations as well. The employers are very particular about the hiring part and if you do a small mistake it may cost you rejection.

Here we have given few reasons for why candidates fail in a job interview:

  1. Attending the interview without knowing about the company:

    The employer expects from you is to have a basic knowledge about the company you have applied for. If not he/she may think like you are not at all serious about the interview, And there is the dangerous zone of rejection.

  2. Without any certification:

    Completed B.Tech?
    Applying for jobs? Only your B.Tech degree will not help you in the interview.
    If you want to be apart from the crowd you should write few exams like AMCAT, ELITMUS, and COCUBES etc. Good scores in these exams will help you in getting more opportunities because many companies are hiring candidates based on these exam scores and then you can keep the demon of rejection at bay.

  3. Informal dressing:

    As we all know very well “ the First Impression is the best impression”. It is true in the interview part because the interviewer tends to judge you in the first few seconds so prefer a formal wear for the interview. There is no need of looking fashionable; you just need to look well-dressed Remy Indian hair and professional.

  4. Getting delayed for the interview:

    Time is the very important factor in today’s professional world, if you are late to the interview they may feel like you are not respecting them or not serious towards job RC helicopter. The chances of getting hired are very less if you are late because it reflects your poor time management skills.

  5. Without any live projects:

    It is very tough time for freshers to explain their capabilities at the time of interview. It is better to have a live project because it will be an added advantage for you at the time of interview. For this, you need to work on a project in any of the IT companies to build up a work profile in order to demonstrate your ability to work.

  6. Candidates with fewer academics:

    Companies are short listing the candidates based on their aggregate and few companies will have cut-off marks to apply for the interview. If you are not meeting the eligibility then you are not even eligible to apply for the interview.

  7. Lack of communication skills:

    Communication is not only about speaking flawless English; it also includes your overall gesture and stature. Without good communication you are not considered for further rounds even you have good technology knowledge. So concentrate more on improving your communication skills.

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