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Career planning while in B.Tech

Not many students have clear plans for their future in the initial days of their B.Tech. While some have childhood dreams of starting up a company, going abroad and even joining the Civil Services, etc., most of the students take the call about their future only after spending some time in college. It is better to interact with experienced people (like your professors and seniors in college) and do some research before taking a decision that could be life-changing.

Given below is a year-wise plan for B.Tech students to discover their dream career. Please note that these are general guidelines and you may have to customize it depending on your strengths, weaknesses, interests and educational background. You can visit to know more about careers that suit your profile.

The first year | Second Year | Third Year | Fourth Year

First Year

After having slogged for two years in Intermediate, most students have a laid-back attitude in the first year of their B.Tech. Well, it definitely takes the time to get back on track after getting derailed from a fast track for several months. No doubt that it’s time to make new friends, have fun and discover life, after all, life is not just about scoring high grades.

Be a responsible student and ensure that this easy-going attitude doesn’t affect your studies adversely because first year academic score in many ways sets the tone for your performance in engineering So, though you may not aim to stand first in your college or university, at least get a decent score (a generally agreed upon definition of a “decent score” is 70%).

Important Subjects in First-year Btech

One of the biggest hurdles faced by many students in the first year is M1 (mathematics) and Engineering drawing. Students struggle to clear M1 and since, you don’t have choice practice more to clear these subjects with good grades.

Focus On:

  • Engineering Drawing
  • M1
  • C& DS
  • Get an understanding of Basics

Make sure that you study well and get a good score in C&DSas well because, for both CSE/IT and non-CSE background students who plan to enter the software industry, this subject lays the foundation for all your future courses in programming.

Further, a student (especially from CSE/IT) attending an IT company interview is expected by the interviewer to know this subject thoroughly. So, it is better to study now than struggle in the 3rd or 4th year.

Be through with your 1st-year subjects as they are the basis for the subjects in the later years irrespective of your branch.

Second Year

Now that your initial days of fun in engineering are over, you have to start focusing on your career. Note that planning for future is not something you can do in a day or two. It takes months, sometimes years, to discover what really is worth doing for the rest of your life. So, first of all, ask yourself what really interests you. If you cannot get an answer, visit where you can find all the careers that a B.Tech graduate can get into.

Don’t hurry in choosing a career path in your 2nd year itself.

Focus On:

  • Research on Careers
  • Read Newspapers
  • Start Socialising

Following tips will help you in choosing a career by yourself

  • Choose 2-3 career options of your interest.For the entire 2nd year, do thorough research on these 2-3 opted careers. Meet and talk to the people who are already in that career.

  • Make sure you have your questionnaire ready when you meet/call them for an advice.

  • Read blogs, newspaper and Wikipedia articles and listen to lectures and seminars on YouTube.

  • Use social networking sites to connect with people in the professions you intend to enter

  • Cross-check all the information you’ve heard from your friends, seniors, relatives, professors in the fora on the internet.

  • This whole exercise will consume the better part of your leisure time in your second year. But be sure that you choose a career path by the end of the year.

Third Year

Start working towards your career goal. Now that you know what you want from your life, plan out your strategy.

3rd year is the turning point for a student in B.Tech. The following do’s will help you in a long time.

Focus On:

  • Work towards career goal
  • Plan a strategy
  • Attend Technical events
  • Networking with seniors

Following tips will help you in choosing a career by yourself

  • For instance, if you want to go for MS in the US, starts solving GRE questions and go for TOEFL/IELTS coaching, if required.

    • Plan when to write the exams and the ideal time to apply to the universities.

    • To apply for abroad universities, recommendation letters from your professors are mandatory so, maintain good conduct with them from the third year itself.

  • 3rd year is the ideal time to attend the national/international technical events, presenting papers, doing a research project, going on an industrial tour, national/international technical events, presenting papers, doing a research project, going on an industrial tour, etc., because fourth year could be a very packed with job interviews, etc.

  • Your active participation in college fests and games and sports would give good impression to your CV

  • Being in contact with your seniors who are passing out will help you in a big way if you want to hunt for jobs or start your own company after B.Tech. They may even help you with accommodation for a few days while in abroad for your Masters.

Fourth Year

Here, the focus should be mainly on clearing the backlogs by the time of job interviews. As you have already a clear plan in mind, then in the fourth year should be easy in regard to your career goal. However, note that you’ll be occupied with academics and project in the fourth year.

Focus On:

  • Increasing aggregate
  • Technical Projects
  • Have a backup plan
  • Prepare a CV

Following tips will help you in choosing a career by yourself

  • Focus on increasing your aggregate.

  • Prepare for campus placements. Our other articles on cracking campus interviews will help you further.

  • Have a backup plan. Example – do not stay away from job interviews just because you are planning for MS/M.Tech/MBA or even to start up on your own.

  • Maintain contact with your professors even after your B.Tech. In future when you plan to want to do MS/MBA, you will need their recommendations.