“Networking” a successful way for job search and career success:

Networking for job search
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We say that networking plays a key role in marketing and for promoting a new brand. So, aren’t you feel that the networking is equally important for promoting a “brand you” for a job you will love.

Yes, it is! Professional networking is all about developing a broad list of contacts and building relationships that can lead to jobs or any other professional opportunities.

People in your network can help you obtain leads, referrals, advice, information, and support as well.  Obviously, it is a potential component for successful job search and career eventually. Even though it is one of the successful ways of job search, it sounds intimidating and bit scary at times. But it doesn’t have to be! It can be rewarding and fun, even if you’re shy.

Tips for Successful networking as the way of your job search:


List out all the people in your network:

You may think that you don’t know many people who can fetch you a job. But you know more people that you think. And maybe they can take you to the job that you’ll love. You never know, if you don’t ask them!

Remember, your network is bigger than what you think and everyone you meet could be your potential reference. It includes your friends, family, colleagues, neighbors and even strangers at times.


Make your pitch:

The foremost part of effective networking is being clear about your job goals. Concentrated self-assessment makes you aware of what you want to do with your life. Create a killer elevator pitch; prepare what you want to speak and delivering time as well. Remember you may only get 10 sec, 60 sec or even 10 min for a formal interview.


Reach out to all your contacts:

Maybe you have hell lot of contact, but even all your contacts may not helpful for your job search if you won’t actively communicate with them if you won’t tell that you are looking for a job. So, after listing your contacts and your career goals, start contacting all the people in your network and let them know your requirements.  Be specific about your job search, and don’t assume that some people won’t be helpful. It may surprise you by who they know.


Keep track of Building Relationships:

Nail it, networking is not the process or technique to get a technique, it is mutual give and take a process that involves creating connections, sharing information, and asking questions related to the job search. All you have to do is reaching out.

  1. Be authentic:

Be yourself, the real you- don’t fake it up. Keep in mind pretending or hiding your true interests and facts only hurt you in the long run. Pursue what you want not what you think others will like.

  1. Ask for advice not for the job:

Don’t literally ask for a job that may embarrass your contacts and give a lot of pressure for them. It’s good to ask for any opportunity or insight indeed.  If they can hire you or refer you to someone, they will. If not, leave them and wait for another opportunity, no need to put them in an uncomfortable situation.


Expand your network:

Your network may include people you know, referrals etc. But, be creative in expanding your lists- some common sources for networking are as follows:

  1. Alumni organizations
  2. Classmates
  3. Neighbors: both current and past
  4. Hobby groups
  5. Society club members
  6. Professional associations
  7. Relatives: both local and who stay away
  8. Volunteer ship associations
  9. Participants in the workshops and seminars that you have attended
  10. Strangers while traveling could be your potential reference


Remember social media:

When it comes to networking, many relationships can either start or flourish through social networking. So, it is wise to use social media extensively to maintain relationships such as- Twitter, Linkedin, and Facebook to keep in touch with your potential people that you’ve met in person.

In conclusion:

Blushing your networking skills will serve you all throughout your professional career. Especially, when you are in job search. Remember, networking takes time and it is not an overnight process, so be patient.