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Despite lakhs of students are graduating from, not all are fortunate enough to get placed on campus placements. do not worry if you are one among them, on the other hand, we all are aware of recession these days. so imagine how much pressure is imposed on every graduate, some may perceive that MBA, MS and going for other higher education is the best way to cope up the situation, but there are some short-term certifications as well to be hire-worthy.

Certification plays an important role in the job search. Getting certified from a reputed institute takes 3 to 6 months time.

Having a certification in a Job search is a significant advantage. In your job search whenever managers look at your resume with some certification, will give a positive impression. Keep in mind that when two or more equally qualified people are competing for the same job, the certified candidates will have more chances of getting selected.

We are giving Branch wise list of certifications which helps you in getting a job:

  1. CSE: 

    If you are graduated from with CSE as your discipline, you are handy with ample of courses that you can opt for- based on your interest. Below are some of them:

    • SAP
    • Robotics
    • Oracle, SQL, DBA
    • LINUX
    • Mainframes
    • Information Technology
    • C, C++, JAVA, Dot Net
    • Red Hat
    • HTML, CSS
  2. ECE: 

    If you have done your or BE in the stream of electronics and communication engineering then you have a different list of certifications, that you can rely on for your placement.

    • Cisco
    • CCNA, CCTP
    • DSP, DIP
    • Embedded C
    • VLSI Technology
    • PCB design (Printed circuit board design)
  3. EEE: 

    There are a lot of certification courses that an EEE graduate can be trained in order to be placed. Have a look on some of them:

    • Circuit analysis
    • Power system analysis
    • Linear system analysis
    • Distributed control system
    • CAD, CAM
  4. CIVIL:  

    civil graduates can either go for masters in civil engineering or they can go for various short term courses in their field like:

    • Auto CAD
    • Technical drawing and designing
    • Interior designing
    • Structural analysis and designing
    • 3D printing
  5. Mechanical Engineering: 

    Graduates of civil engineering have hell lot of options that they can shape their career. There are various branches like planning, production, quality control, manufacturing, tooling etc. After identifying your love in particular field, there are hundreds of courses that you can attend.

    • CAD
    • CAM
    • CAE
    • Hypermesh
    • Nastran
    • Ansys
    • Solid works
    • Catia

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