As a fresher what are you looking for, Job or a career?

Job vs Career

Job vs career
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Mostly the two words job and a career are used interchangeably, but it’s wrong. They are distinct in their own ways, many people wrote emails for CVCorp seeking an answer for what a job is and what a career is? Let’s roll up our sleeves in this regard.


A job is something you do simply to earn money. That work may or may not interest you at all. Moreover, it is a regular activity performed in exchange for money. It has nothing to do with your life-long career goals.

Requirements to perform a job:

Education or special training pertaining to that area may or may not be required at times.

The risk involved in the job:

As finance people say that “higher the risk, higher the return”. This statement exemplifies well in the case of a job. The job can be termed as “safe”, as the stability of work and income is there. However, shifting priorities and relocation may create fluctuations in demand and requirements. Risks and uncertainties are purely external.

Impact on future:

Jobs hold relatively less impact on a future resume and job applications as it’s nowhere connected to the stuff that you will be applying for.

Networking opportunities:

Jobs provides less networking opportunities, because the people who are connected with the current job, may not connect to the future.

Time horizon:

They are pertaining to short term because one may take up a job to fulfill his daily needs but it may not be the course of action he wants for his life. And the opposite of this goes for a career. Career is long term.


Income for the jobs is constant. Mostly it can be termed as wage/salary.



A career is a series of connected employment opportunities. It provides an opportunity to scale up your skills at earlier employment opportunities. It will help you to move into higher paying and prestigious positions later on.

Requirements for career:

A career requires specialized training and learning that gives individual development and improve the skills for bright future.

Risk involved:

A career is uncertain and risky than a job, as it doesn’t mean stability of work and it encourages one to take risks.

Impact on future:

A career is the set of related experiences which is used for future applications and resumes.

Networking opportunities:

A career is loaded with networking opportunities, as you are surrounded by the people who are into a similar career and you can connect or seek their help for the time and again.

Time horizon:

The career is long term because you can nurture your future by connecting with the different people who are into the similar profile.


Salary is common, provided with more non-monitory benefits. Income from a career mostly depends on the value it offers to the society.

Big point:

That’s all folks, hope you are clear about job and career. Now ask yourself what is your way- earning money? Or collecting experience? Simply- A job or a career?

Our recommendation goes for a career because when you have a career you love, it is long term and offers you an enjoyable journey that can change your life. Again a job or a career is all up to your attitude and need. If you want to collect a paycheck EOD then don’t be emotional at all, do the tasks that you are asked to do. But if you are looking for growth in the same area then turn on the passion.

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