Job opportunities and career prospects after MBA in Operations:

Job opportunities after MBA in Operations
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MBA in operations has evolved continuously in last few decades. However there is a myth saying that it is only mean manufacturing, but it is not just that. It covers the entire list of skills and activities required for running a successful business.

If you want to work with a variety of aspects of people, machines, processes, and technology then operations management gives best fit for you.

It gives good exposure to supply chain management, logistics management, and supply chain design for management students. Hence, there are many career paths for the MBA in operations grads.

Let’s look into this,

  1. Supply Chain Manager:

The supply chain is the holistic term of entire key business activities. Hence, the supply chain manager is the one who has bird’s eye view of entire business activities. Finally, These managers are involved in every facet of the business right from drafting the ideas, purchase planning, distribution and customer support/service.

Skills required for supply chain manager:
  • Time management skills
  • Obviously, he should have extensive knowledge of SCM domain
  • Also, he should have decision-making skills
  • He should have sound negotiation skills because he should negotiate with suppliers, vendors, logistic providers, and customers etc.
  • Finally, he should have problem-solving skills as well as Math skills.

Finally, if you leave your mark in this coveted supply chain management, you should have above all.

  1. Logistics Manager:

They are accountable for developing, creating the cost effective distribution plans and strategies. Usually, businesses face a lot of problems and spend a lot for logistics management and timely delivery. However, the logistic manager is appointed to look into those issues and draws problems for those issues.

Skills required for logistic Manager:
  • Should be inquisitive in nature
  • Able to frame a logical as well as systematic approach to work
  • Also, it is helpful if you hold some degree of IT literacy and the ability to deal with electronic information
  • He should have good geographical knowledge
  • Finally should be able to work under stress, and handle multiple projects
  1. Inventory Control Manager:

The main job of inventory control manager is in their job title itself. That means they are held responsible for creating and putting in place the plans that reduce the overall costs of inventory/stock of the business.

Skills required for inventory control manager:
  • First, he should have excellent knowledge of data analysis and forecasting techniques
  • Along with great analytical skills, they should also have good knowledge of inventory management software such as ERP etc.
  • Should have the ability to track inventory records
  • Ability to manage multiple tasks through effective prioritization
  • Finally, a qualification of CPIM will be a plus.
  1. Purchasing Manager:

If you are the one who can play with numbers and negotiate with others, then this is the job for you. So, they are responsible for buying the best quality products, goods, and equipment at the most competitive price. Finally, they should have a bird’s eye view of stock levels and forecast demand for service and products.

Skills required for purchasing manager:

  • The individual should be tactic as well as diplomatic
  • Obviously, he should have commercial awareness
  • Solid judgmental skills along with decision-making skills
  • He should have good negotiation skills along with knack of networking
  • Also, he/she should be familiar with market dynamics along with business sense
  • He should be trained extensively in using vendor management software
  1. Operations Manager:

No matter whatever the industry or company may be. The key role of an operations manager is to oversee the production of goods and provisions of services rendered. Finally, we can say that an operation manager plays a vital role in the company by managing day-to-day activities, analyzing and writing reports.

Skills required for operations manager:
  • They should be proficient in business planning software, in order to build financial projections, charts, and reports in a shorter span.
  • Prioritizing along with delegation is required
  • Should be familiar with financial principles along with business practices
  • Able to do budgeting and overseeing the same
  • Ability to engage and motivate others along with drive to achieve details
  1. Admin Executives:

The word administrative is related to the management side of the organization. So they are accountable for managing the HR issues and running the whole organization. Hence, has an important role in making sure an office operates smoothly and efficiently. If you are good at organizing then this could be the job for you.

Skills for Admin Executives:
  • First, he should be able to stay calm even under pressure
  • He should be initiative
  • Obviously, he should have excellent communication skills
  • An office environment has many kinds of equipment and property that admin executive should deal with. So, he should know some technical acumen
  • Good communicator
  1. Front Office Manager:

The front office or desk manager is accountable for keeping the front desk tidy (clean). Furthermore, he should be familiar with office equipment (fax, printer etc). They will prepare outgoing mail by drafting correspondence, securing parcels etc.

Skills required for front desk manager:
  • Should have knowledge of office management and basic bookkeeping
  • Good communicator as well as peoples person
  • He should able to do multi-tasking at times
  • Should carry customer centric attitude as well as problem resolution attitude
  • Also, he should maintain professional attire and demeanor to all.