What interview attire is appropriate for Men?- Men’s interview dressing tips:

men's dressing guide for interview

All the best for your interview.  But wait, we are pretty sure that there are some questions hitting your mind right now, is it? And “what I have to wear for the interview” could be one among those pressing questions.

And that’s a valid argument because your appearance projects your professionalism and seriousness. Moreover, the way you present yourself brings a huge impact on the recruiter’s impression of you.

Well, you may think that your skills, talent, and aspiration make you a job holder. Ok, put it in this way, if you and other candidate are equally talented and carrying similar profiles and are equally qualified for that job. Then do you think that recruiter will pick the candidate who showed up in jeans and a round necked t-shirt or the one with a neatly groomed formal ironed shirt and a trouser with well-polished shoes?

Go through this selection of interview attire/outfits for men to get an idea of what to wear for an interview.

  1. Awareness about company’s culture and dress code:

Deciding about what to wear for an interview is a big decision. with this said, the company’s culture and working style play a vital role in deciding up what you should wear for an interview. Today, each company has its own unique culture so one company’s polished and professional look may be another company’s stuffy and uptight. If you wear formals to the interview, where everyone is wearing flip-flops and shorts. Congratulations, you may lose the job because they might think that you can’t fit the company’s culture.

  1. Dressing tips:

Now after knowing about company’s culture dress yourself according to that organization’s culture and the job type that you’re appearing.


  • Bank- suit and tie
  • Gym- gym clothes if you are instructor
  • Software engineer- shirt that fits well and a tie included
  • Medical/ doctor job- any conservative and formal dressing etc

Typically, it is advisable to dress up a bit higher than an everyday dress at the place of work. If they wear trousers with a button down shirt then wear a suit or shirt with a tie. But if they are more casual, then it’s good to go with business casuals.

Some of the most common office dress codes include:

  • Business professional:

When you are going for the interview where everything is guided by professionalism, then suits are the norm. if that is the case it is okay to wear a blazer or suit jacket over, a button down shirt, suit pants, trousers and a tie and dress shoes. But always remember to keep your outfits lite colored. Because you’re there to show case your skill, not your style.

  • Business Casuals:

Wearing a suit with a tie included is too much if you’re interviewing at the business casual company. Then you might consider wearing a dress slacks or chinos, a button down or polo shirt, a belt and dress shoes.

  • Casuals:

Here comes the attention grabber, when you’re interviewing at a casual office, remember it is still important to look polished and well presented.  We know that you love wearing your jeans, short and flip-flops which make you feel comfortable. But guys, save them for when you actually have the job in hand. So, consider wearing khaki pants, slim fit trousers, casual light colored or striped button down shirts, long sleeved shirts and a sneakers or dress shoes, a blazer.

In conclusion:

Finally, for the first interview wear a white shirt, not blue or bright colored clothes, in a business style is best.  Go with simple shirt collars, such as a traditional straight point or a slightly button-down, avoiding tab collars, pins. Also, avoid monograms or jaunty contrasting white-collar-and-cuffs. And no French cuffs, which will help you. And don’t go stinky, wear mild deodorant, but don’t overdo it. Always remember the interviewer should remember your skills, not your smell.