What are the common Immigration issues that indian students will face?

Immigration issues for MS in US

Immigration Issues

Shattering the hopes of several wannabes looking for a further education in the (USA). The immigration officers have received an intense stand towards Indian students.

There are many incidents happening every year, deporting many of the Indian students. Recently a cluster of ousted students said that the immigration officers crossed out their visas without checking the records and verification. The students were compelled to return by an accessible flight instantly. Earlier the US immigration officers used to broil students for quite a long time before ousting them.

The situation of Indian students in the USA is pathetic, with deported or denied entry for no reason.Though students carry valid F-1 student visas issued by the US consulate in India with the essential I-20 forms from instructive organizations confirming their admission, they have been asked to take a hike back home at the port of entry.

Approximately, 60-70 students are turning back. The procedure of deportation proceeds in spite of New Delhi making a tough demand to Washington to respect their visas.

Reasons for Indians Deportment?

There could be many reasons for the visa rejections and Indian students getting deported at the US port of entry which completely depends on the US immigration officers. All you need to do is answer smart and should be relevant to what you answered at the time of your visa interview. Do not let the officer get any sort of doubt that your intentions of visiting the USA are different.However, the eventual fate of the students is changing in a poise as their visas have been canceled.

After you arrive at any terminal in the USA for the first time, you would need to clear Immigration and Customs. Find out about what happens at U.S. Port of Entry. You need to know something about the U.S. Visa versus Port of Entry.

It is clear that while having a US visa alone does not ensure your entry to the United States, it indicates a consular officer at a U.S. Government office or Consulate abroad decides whether you are qualified to seek for entry for that particular reason.

At the point when, further questioning travelers land at Port of Entry, if the CBP officer has insecurity’s about you and purpose behind your visit. If you still could not be able to answer properly the result would be denied entry into the USA. Prepare as many times as you can before taking a step.

 How to avoid blacklisted universities?

Before you seek admission into any US university, you must check the standards of the university. There is no such list of certain blacklisted US universities.Students ought to also be careful of colleges that grant admissions with low GRE and IELTS/TOEFL/PTE scores. Numerous students take admissions in such low-grading colleges with the expectation to move to a better college later.

What makes up a blacklisted university list?

There are so many reasons for a company to be on that list. you should be cautious if you identify such universities. Otherwise, your higher education will be risky. For protecting you we have curated the pointers to identify the blacklisted universities:

  1. The Universities Accepting Very Low Profile Students, No GRE, TOEFL requirements
  2. Universities with no or no proper accreditations
  3. Universities that are prone to break or bend the rules accordingly


Know before you visit:

Right around a million people enter the U.S. every day. Everybody arriving at the US port of entry is liable to assessment by Customs and Border Protection officers for consistency with immigration, customs regulations.

To make it easy for you, let us tell you what exactly happens at the US port of entry:

  • Your travel documents like passport and visas will be verified
  • You may be asked questions about the intention of your visit.
  •  They will take your digital signature and photograph.
  •  The date of entry and the duration of the course are stamped on your passport with admission stamp. (if everything is fine)



We clearly recommend that you carry all the mandatory documents as a section of confirmation at the port of entry. The list mentioned below gives you the general arrangement of documents that you should carry. Ensure you don’t put them as a major part of the check-in baggage. It must be a piece of your carry on. No explanations permitted at the port of entry like my reports are inside luggage, and so forth.

  • A valid Indian passport
  • I-20 signed by a DSO
  • University admission papers
  • SEVIS Fee payment receipt
  • Supporting Financial Documents
  • All your educational certificates
  • Information about your university DSO
  • Details of your stay in the US
  • Any other transcripts like your GRE/TOEFL/IELTS scores

That is about it. It is important to know as an international student about the entry process at the US port of entry to keep away from issues. You don’t need to be a frenzy for additional investigation. simply stay quiet and dependably be truthful. Know your university, program, subjects and other important details.