How to get placed in any campus interviews?

How to get placed in campus

Hey, I’m Not getting enough placement opportunities in my college, can anyone help me out in the way that I can get placed?

How do I get placed?

Almost every student will join in the college with high expectations that any way they are going to get the job in campus placements. As a number of companies are visiting while they are joining. But after 4 years there may be a chance that the companies may or may not visit the college every year because:

  • Companies plan their recruitment based on their yearly hiring projections.

  • Service based companies hiring purely depend on their clients.

  • Only 10 – 15 % of companies will go for campus placements as they want to hire a number of people at a time.

  • All the remaining companies use different strategies for hiring people like:

    1. Employee referral drives
    2. Pool campus drives
    3. Internal hiring process
  • Generally, core companies do not visit the colleges for hiring the students as they have only 2 or 3 positions to hire. we have to know about the job openings in the core companies by seeing notifications and through references.

In general, out of 100%, only 20-30 % are getting placed. Remaining are coming out of college without any job in their hands and searching for jobs on their own, because of huge competition in the IT filed candidates are struggling to get a job.

No need to worry if you are not provided with enough placements opportunities by the college, you can search a job on your own. There are many options available on the internet to apply for jobs:

    • Many job portals are available on the internet, where you can upload your resume.

    • Contact your seniors/friends who got placed and ask them for openings.

    • You can upload your resume on the company’s website directly. (Every company will have “careers page” you can drop your resume there).

    • Forward your resume to all your relatives who are working in IT companies.

    • stay connected with the company’s social networking pages like LinkedIn and FB.

Is the interview process is same for on-campus and off-campus:

To my opinion, campus interviews are much easier than off-campus interviews, because:

When a company plans to visit a campus:  

It means when the company wants to conduct any campus drives they have a good opinion about that college. or they hired few students previously who are doing well.

companies try to hire:

some companies try to hire at least few, after visiting the college, because they feel that it is better to take best of the breeds. so, they take people who are not exactly matching their requirements.


This is the biggest difference. one has to face competition among their college mates only in on-campus pools. But in off-campus interviews, you have to face massive competition from all the college students.

  • You should learn  Technologies like C or JAVA and do a live project on that which will add weight to your resume.

  • Make yourself strong in aptitude, Reasoning and communication skills.

  • Get ready to face the question from the interviewer.  “Being a Non-IT student why do you want to get into IT Job?”.

  • Take guidance from industry experts and attend some guest lectures about cracking the interview.

By doing all these you can represent yourself better at the time of interview.

For the final words use your brain where ever you felt something went wrong and be confident. All the best for your placements!