Must have Email etiquettes and *E-Manners* that every professional should know:

email etiquette tips

Email Etiquettes:


The first step in landing a job is catching the interest of the employer. For the first time, they can know about you through an email, so it is important to represent yourself professionally. You need to practice few simple rules of email etiquettes in order to avoid the mistakes.

Scenarios when a fresher will send mail to the company:

  • To approach the HR/ employer with reference to job postings in portals like (Naukri, shine, wisdom jobs etc.)
  • To send a mail with some one’s reference when there are vacancies in the company.
  • To know about the job posting after applying through Facebook/ Linked-in links.

While sending a mail to the company HR check the below-mentioned etiquettes:

Here we have given few email etiquettes:

    • Set up a new mail id for job search:

Create a new mail id while you are in the job search because if you use the same mail id given in your college, there might be a chance of losing the important emails because you might have given the same mail id for different websites while you are in the college. So prepare a professional mail id by listing your full name possibly, if your name is more common then you can use numbers.

For example (first name. last [email protected]) [email protected]

    • Use clear and précised subject line:

Many people send the emails without any subject line. Do you think the subject line is not as important as the body of the mail? But that is not true, subject lines are important than the actual mail. As the Employers get hundreds of emails per day based on the subject lines they will decide whether to open the mail or not.

For Example: with reference to job posting in Naukri/ with reference of PERSON’s name

    • Email should be to the point:

The body of mail should be brief and concise, at the same time don’t forget to highlight the important things about you.

    • Mention the referral name:

If you are applying through reference then don’t forget to mention the referral name and employee id.

    • Do Spell check:

Set up your mail account to auto correct grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and punctuation errors etc. Don’t forget to recheck the mail before sending.

    • Create a signature:

It’s important to include your contact information, which should contain your full name, email id and phone number in your signature but remember it should be in a professional manner.

    • Attachments:

Always send your resume with your name –Educational Qualification (eg: Prasad-B.Tech). Don’t send your resume to HR with generic names like (CV, Biodata, Resume).

so dears, next time when you have to communicate through emails or e-meet anyone you should keep all the above mentioned in mind and follow them accordingly and make your emails readable.