Complete guide for 2015 or 2016 passed outs who are still in job search

tips for 2015-16 graduates whoa re in job search


Many engineering graduates are jobless even after getting trained in some technology for 6 months or 1 year, then they will realize the market situations and start searching for a job seriously. Only 25% of engineering graduates are selected in on –campus drives remaining 75% graduates are struggling to get a job. It is very tough to get a job in the off campus drives and walk-ins when compared with on campus drives. As the number of engineering graduates is increasing every year, the competition will be very high in every industry, leaving people as job seekers who are in the job search for years together.

Few Common problems for a student who is in job search

  1. I have already learned C/Java/Dot Net or some other technologies but not able to clear the technical interview
  2. Vacheron Constantin Malte Replica Even after uploading my resume in many job portals am not getting interview calls
  3. I went to many consultancies/ companies and I have submitted my resume but no use
  4. Few companies are asking money to join in their companies
  5. Consultancies will call us for some Technical role but the interview will be for some Non- Tech role
  6. Few Consultancies conduct fake drives and ask students to join for job training

Some of the questions freshers will have in their mind in the job search:

1. How much time I will be considered as fresher?

If you are 2016 passed out and in next three are four months time 2017 graduates are coming out of college you may have doubts like- Will I get calls from the companies, will they consider me as fresher, what should I do to get more opportunities etc.

Don’t worry, you will be considered for the interviews but you should have done some live project and Malaysian deep curly hair learns some advanced Technologies. Company’s expectations may vary as you have already got enough time to prepare for the interviews.

2. I have uploaded my resume in many job portals but I am not getting calls?

While uploading your resume you must check few things to increase your interview calls:

  • Recruiters will search for few keywords while they are looking for freshers, so make sure that your resume will have some keywords
  • You should update your resume as the recruiters prefer the resume freshness.
  • Mention the correct mail id and phone number.
  • Just uploading will not help. Keep applying to all the jobs posted in job portals which keep your profile active and top in the search.
3. Is it a good decision to join a start-up as a fresher?

It is always good working with start-ups as a fresher. The learning you get will be immense and the exposure would be great.

  • You get to learn & experiment a lot more than joining an MNC
  • Flexible work will be there provided with flexible timings that you can work for them.
  • You will get a chance to work along with industry leaders who have spent a good amount of time in the industry.

How to get more interview calls? How to prepare well to crack the interview?

  • Follow company’s career options page and LinkedIn and Facebook pages to know more about the company.
  • Send your resume to your relatives/ family friends who are working in the IT industry so that they can refer you. (When a company has 2 to 3 requirements the people will not approach any consultancy or conducting any drive instead they look for internal references.)
  • After attending few interviews just analyze yourself in which level you are getting rejected
    1. When you are Rejected in written test, just check once whether you are concentrating on Aptitude and Reasoning.
    2. If you find difficulty in clearing the technical round, the problem may be either writing code or explaining the logic.
    3. Unable to clear HR round is the result of- either you are not confident or your communication skills are not matching their expectations.

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