What do companies expect from a fresher?

companies expectations from fresher


Finding a job as a fresher is a difficult task these days. While there are many jobs in the market, a person who is looking for a decent job in IT can feel a little lost without committed guidance due to lack of experience. This is the reason freshers always want to be aware of what does a company or employer expect from freshers in terms of the skills set and knowledge.

We have curetted the quick list for companies expectations:
Every employer/company will have few expectations while choosing the candidates. They will expect few things like

1. Aptitude:
Aptitude tests are conducted to know your problem-solving skills, how efficiently you can work to solve a problem in the given time.

To know your thinking ability and how your approach will be to solve a problem

2. Technical skills:
As a fresher, you must know basics of one programming language, SQL commands, LINUX commands etc.

Apart from these to showcase your technical skills do projects. You must have done at least two projects as part of your academics; Mostly your technical interview will revolve around these projects.

3. Attitude:
The interviewer will look your personality traits like your willingness to learn new things, confidence, leadership qualities, team working skills and ready to adapt new environment.

An employer wants to hire someone who has confidence and good presentation skills to represent the company and projects when required.

Apart from this, the candidate should work on building the following traits:

1. You must be Attentive:

It can be regarded as “oh-so-important-to have” trait because without the massive attention one cannot draft a perfect plan for upcoming periods. Moreover, they will be unclear about their tasks and assignments allotted to him if they are not attentive towards their superiors.

2. Loyalty:

It is well-versed fact that companies expect its employees to be loyal towards the company. they don’t look for the person who are not committed and who cannot be trusted to represent the company in public. They usually want a person who doesn’t require close scrutiny.

3. Honesty:

Employers want their employees to be transparent and needs timely delivery of information with accuracy. Done a mistake? Then don’t cover it up. They appreciate your honesty.

4. Work ethic:

Work that is achieved without your dedication and hard work is like a water bubble. So be on time to the workplace, use your abilities to the fullest in the accomplishment of tasks assigned to you, do what for what you are hired to do. What else will employer will ask you?

5. Dependability:

In the world of massive competition, employers have a lot of things to manage at a time. They want to hire smart people who can share their work. Not the one who requires continuous monitoring which doubles their work.

6. Flexibility:

Employers and their employees need to react quickly to changing business conditions. Employers need employees who can change gears and adapt as required.

7. Initiative:

Being initiative pays off in this highly competitive world. It can be supported by a saying “early bird gets warm”. This is one of the key traits that every employer looks for in a person that he wants to hire, how? Through some rounds in an interview like Group Discussions and debates.

8. Self-discipline:

What will you say about being disciplined? Do you think the interviewer will hire a person who is not well-mannered and childish?  No right, so don’t fall into that dangerous zone and behave like a graduate.

9. Hardworking:

Well, the slang word used for it is Workaholic.  Again working hard doesn’t mean that hitting the rocks under the shining sun. IT means that you should work hard towards the attainment of tasks allotted to you and is available to the company whenever your company needs you.

10. Good learner:

This trait not only meant for your company’s growth but also your own enhancement. One should always carry the attitude of eager to learn new things, interviewers are keen in observing this attitude of you, so be conscious friends.

So that takes me to end. It is very important to display the qualities when required. Be prepared for the interview in all aspects.
Note: Don’t pretend or overdo it. That won’t fetch you a job so be prepared not pretend.
All the best! CVCORP is always there to support you in all possible ways to reach your dream job.