What do companies *expect* from MBA-HR graduates



If you are an MBA graduate expecting a decent job where you can showcase your skills to the fullest, you should know what employers expect from you. This article will help you to flare well with a better job opportunity and provides you with the good package that you deserve in your first job as an HR graduate.

Well, being an MBA graduate, companies expect you to be professional and emphasize on basic values needed in any organization. However the requirements are not constant, they vary from one organization to other, fulfilling the current market requirements.

In the current competitive world, you must be always prepared to face the massive competition. For making your life easy we have listed down few skills that are must to know before getting into the role of an HR.


Let’s get started-

1. Excellent communication skills:

Communication skills are classified into two parts either it could be-

  1. Oral communication
  2. Written communication

As an HR your communication is to be top-notch, be it oral or written.

Oral communication: 

As an HR you are supposed to speak error free and confidently.

You are the bridge between the employee and the organization, interacting with employees, supposed to conduct meetings, presentations, Induction, and joining.


Written communication:

Being an HR you should not only lay emphasis on building your speaking skills but also simultaneously strengthen your written communication. This is important as you would be working on writing guidelines, procedures, policies and employee’s handbooks that help to manage your workforce.


Should be a barrel of Knowledge:

  1. Should be Technocrat: (tools)


Shaping your career as a good HR or any other managerial role doesn’t mean you need not be thorough with technology instead, you should be accustomed using popular tools like –


  1. MS office- to prepare offer letters, relieving letters, address proof documents and all other employee relation rituals.
  2. Excel- to maintain employee database, pivot tables, V-look up and few other arithmetic functions.
  3.  PPT- should have sound knowledge in preparing PPT’s as they are useful for joining and induction process and other presentations.


  1. Subjective Knowledge:


The key quality of HR is to employ the knowledge gained in graduation into practicality. He/she has to be aware of below-mentioned aspects.

  1. HR policies:

When I say that, it means being up to date with all key HR policies in the market such that you are always ready with the latest developments in the field of human resource management.

2. Taxation:


You should be better informed about the country’s tax regulations and employment laws, understand the pay structure especially that affects your payroll. Better to be clear with certain terms like-

  • Basic pay
  • HRA
  • PF
  • Allowances/ perks etc.


  1. Behavior/Personality skills:


When we say HR, it means the behavior, interpersonal skills and overall a role model to all the employees associated.

So the point to be nailed is that the HR with the right attitude, good interpersonal skills would always have a good go in the market.


It is the topmost responsibility of HR to maintain good relations with their workforce. He/ She should be approachable by all levels of the employees across the organization.


Maintaining confidentiality in the areas that demands secrecy is the cornerstone for shaping one’s career in HR domain.

Responsive, not reactive:

HR acronym itself demands to behave yourself; one shouldn’t be reactive but should be responsive in terms of any unfamiliar situation. So try to be as modest as you can be.

  1. Should be a good organizer:

A good manager will possess good organizing skills to facilitate the functioning of the roles designated to the fellow employees – not an easy undertaking by any means. This way the manager could build strong relationships among the employees of the organization.

When we say good organizer, it comprises of-

  • Organising events
  • Being host
  • Maintaining good IR.


Well, Hope that gives you a good feed with regards to How to shape your career as a management graduate. You must thus prepare yourself with the above-mentioned list then the job search will be the cakewalk for you.


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