6 common mistakes that you should avoid while choosing a profile photo for LinkedIn

common mistakes while choosing linkedin profile picture

Hello all, we know that one may end up picking hunky-funky pictures as their profile photos while creating a LinkedIn profile. Yeah, I understand that how much you love that snap, but sorry dear! You can’t make it as your profile image when it comes to LinkedIn. One should always keep in mind that LinkedIn in not meant for getting followers, liked by others and so on and so fore! But it is for getting that “captivating professional look”.

As a professional network, it should present the professional you. On top of it right from our childhood, we all were listening to “The first impression is the best impression”. So it is obvious that you want your profile photo to portray you in a positive light.

Well, then in my view, Sloppy, cheesy, dangerously immature pictures are *Big NO*. Here’s is a friendly reminder particularly to thousands and millions of young stars and fresh graduates who are lurking more on professional sites like LinkedIn.

So, If you want to keep your professional face forward then stop committing the sin of uploading Let-me-take-selfie style of pictures.

 Let me make you clear in this school:

  1. Funky selfies in a mirror:
  2. Avoid Freaky Filters:
  3. “Oh no I’m so serious” Pics:
  4. “Say hi to my puppy” kinda pics:
  5. Party pics:
  6. No profile picture:


  1. Funky selfies in a mirror:

selfie pic for linkedin 

Say No to funky selfies that you have taken in a mirror. They won’t project you in a professional face Moreover they will end up projecting that you are not so serious.

  1. Avoid Freaky filters:

avoid filters for linkedin picture

I know that you always want to project yourself beautiful and want your picture should be cluster clear. But friends, don’t get into deeper detailing and too much filtering, because of many employers, job providers want to see the true picture of you as it comprises the major part of their judgment.

  1. “I’m so serious” pics:

avoid serious pics for linkedin

Don’t fall into the extremes either too smiley or too intense. People usually want to work with easy-going people. So the picture in which you are carrying moderate smile works better than stone-faced one.

  1. “Say Hi to my puppy” kind of pics:

avoid pics with pets for linkedin

We know you may have a puppy, and you love it to the moon and back, but that doesn’t mean that you should click a selfie and use that as an elevator image for your LinkedIn profile, that may not be awful, but that makes you look more childish and sensitive.

  1. Party pics:

party selfie

I know you are graduated and it’s time for partying hard. But keep your personal pictures more confined to social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc. It’s healthy to keep social life away from work.

  1. No profile picture:

no profile picture icon

 There is no harm in keeping your professional picture. Some people may misconceive that keeping the profile picture online will cause identity threat to them when we talk about social networking sites that are all up to the users to keep the one or not, But when we say professional sites, they should be well- equipped with a perfect profile picture.

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