How to choose best overseas consultants for Doing MS in US?

criteria to select overseas consultants

How To Choose Consultancy

While some of you decide to apply on your own or take help from your seniors, friends or acquaintances currently studying or who have studied in different universities in the USA. Others would like someone experienced to take care of their application and admission process, so approach consultancies.

In this blog, I will discuss the things you need to check in a consultancy before approaching it for your MS admission

  • Profile Evaluation The first thing you need to check is whether the consultancy is offering profile evaluation upfront or requires you to pay the fee for it. Profile evaluation includes suggesting universities that suit your profile and budgetary constraints
  • use this tool and validate and verify the universities provided by the Consultancies.
  • Choice of Universities: Check with the students already associated with the consultancy if it applies also to universities of your choice or only to those from their list. Further, you need to check if they are willing to make changes to the list of universities to apply for admission after you have selected the list. Many times, students research on other universities and want to apply to them instead of those selected first. Some consultancies have tie-ups/MoUs with certain universities and may allow you to apply only from their list of universities. So, it is very important to check this before you join the consultancy.


  • Application tracking ID: The consultancy needs to provide application tracking ID given by the universities to the student so that student can track the status of his application
  • Courier tracking ID: It should provide tracking ID of the couriers sent to universities
  • Password of Email Account Created for Admission Purpose: Most consultancies create a separate Gmail ID exclusively for admissions. This is to ensure that important admission-related communication from universities doesn’t get mixed up with other emails. Also, a separate email account will allow student counselors at the consultancy to access admission-related communication without students worrying about counselors accessing their personal emails. They should provide the password of the email account created to the student so that he can track all communication from the universities


  • Every consultancy charges a fixed ‘consultation fee’ per each student. However, there may be some hidden charges. You need to check them beforehand. Generally, the hidden charges generally could be:
  • Credit card transaction fees For using their credit card for payment, they may charge extra for each transaction
  • Applying to additional universities The consultation fee includes applying only for 4 or 5 universities. If you do not get admits from any of these universities or want to apply to some more universities, the consultancy might charge extra per each additional university you wish to apply
  • Depending on the number of students, courier agencies may charge between Rs.600 and Rs.1000 per courier

You have to check with the consultancy in advance about the possible extra charges in addition to the consultation fee

How FutureInUSA is different

  • Our profile evaluation service is free. Students need not pay any fee beforehand to get their profile evaluated
  • As a policy, we do not tie-up with any university because we want to remain unbiased. University list is finalized completely in coordination with the student and list is communicated to him/her before finalizing the same. If a student wants any changes in the list, he/she can get that done without paying any additional fee
  • We provide details of university application and courier tracking IDs and admission email account password to the students
  • No extra charge for credit card transactions or applying to additional universities. Further, we collect only the amount charged by courier agency for sending the courier. No commission is charged on this amount