Career prospects and job opportunities after MBA in HR:

Job opportunities for MBA in HR
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It’s good to see you searching for career options that MBA in HR offer you. Absolutely, MBA in HR opens up a career ladder for you, because it is well-known fact that HR plays a vital role in organizational growth. Often, every MBA graduate looks for a return on investment and by picking HR as concentration.

Moreover, jobs in HR literally give you the power of controlling hundreds of employees (sometimes even thousands of employees). Exciting, isn’t it?

So, MBA in HR opens the doors of your dream job. But wait, it is worth asking some questions to yourself before picking up your discipline.

  • Does it give a good fit for you?
  • What is the future scope of HR specialization
  • What are the job opportunities and skills required to perform those jobs?

There are a huge number of jobs in India, and off-course there is a great opportunity to work in abroad for HR professionals.

Let’s look into the same,

  1. HR Generalist:

First of all, Human Resource Generalist is appointed to manage the day-to-day operations of the organization. They are usually referred as entry level HR managers, as they look into variety of activities such as employment law, organizational development, succession planning, performance management etc

Skills required for HR generalist:

  •  A relevant degree is preferable.
  • HR generalist should be able to analyze the information and ability to communicate the same in such a way that is understood by everyone.
  • Also, they should possess excellent problem-solving skills
  • Good communication is a pre- requisite for HR manager
  • He should understand all the legalities of Business and corporate law in relation to HR and employee rights.

Hence, if you are planning to be as HR generalist, you must have above all qualities.

  1. HR Business Partner:

The next best option in this regard is HR business partner. It is defined as top most roles in HR department because they are responsible for aligning the company’s goals and objectives with the internal employee management. Hence, they held responsible for goals and target delivery. Usually, they act as single point of contact for internal employees.

Skills required being as HR business partner:

  • First and foremost requirement is he should be an active team player
  • Also, he should have good business acumen
  • He should be a scholar of Labor laws and legalities
  • He should have Project management as well as change management skills
  • Along with time management skills also he should carry priorities management skills


  1. International Recruiter:

He is responsible for sourcing responsible the best possible candidates and matching them to the companies requirements. they should select the prospects for both permanent and temporary job roles. Finally, they will focus on talent sourcing, candidate identification, networking, and relationship building with potential candidates, attending networking events, and be serving as a strategic staffing partner internationally.

Skills required for International Recruiter;

  • First, he should have excellent knowledge with entire recruitment cycle
  • Obviously, he should have strong oral and written communication skills in English and any other foreign language is preferable.
  • Willing to travel overseas at least 2-3 times a year
  • The candidate should be transparent and accountable
  • Finally, he should know cross-cultural understanding.


  1. Domestic Recruiter:

Unlike International Recruiter, the domestic recruiter works for the domestic company. Although, he is responsible for performing the entire recruitment cycle starting from drafting the recruitment strategy followed by sourcing and attracting appropriate candidates and close the requirement by screening the applications.

Skills required for Domestic Recruiter:

  • Self- motivated
  • Obviously, he should understand real job needs and requirements
  • Prepare robust and captivating plans to attract the prospective candidates
  • should leverage the use of technology such as (Linkedin, CRM, ATS) for scaling up the candidate’s quality.
  • Finally, he is supposed to minimize the number of interviews per hire.
  1. Director of T&D or L&D:

As the job title suggests he is responsible for creating and implementing the training and development training programs, among the employees of the organization. It is well known that employees who are not properly trained are a nightmare for the organization. So, the head of T&D plays a vital role in organizational as well as individual growth.

Skills required for Director of T&D:

  • Good motivational skills
  • He should be good at report writing as well as communicate the report
  • Ability to relate others
  • Should be familiar with cross-cultural norms and practices
  • Finally, he should be certified with usage of tools for assessment and evaluation such as Benchmarking
  1. Compensation & Benefits Manager:

Compensation and benefits managers are responsible for drafting and managing the company’s compensation plans and pay structures. While they are also held responsible for administering the employee benefits plan such as retirement plans, welfare programs, leave policies, perks, employee insurance policies which include health, life, and disability. Usually, they are known as payroll and reward managers.

Skills required for compensation and benefits manager:

  • Firstly, an academic qualification in the relevant subject such as HRM, Management Studies, Psychology, business studies is most preferable.
  • Along with analytical skills, he should also have some financial management and budgeting skills
  • Also, it is inevitable to carry good communication as well as leadership skills
  • He should have good negotiation skills
  • Excellent MS Office skills (WORD, EXCEL, MS power point)
  1. Human Resource Immigration Executives/Specialists:

They oversee immigration programs and assist foreign nationals with all immigration procedure. Also, they are partnered with HRBP’s and Business team to know their mobility requirements and needs. Furthermore, with committed guidance, they provide immigration services and support the potential employees to uphold immigration plans, procedure, and legalities. The role involves in supporting all US & Non-US business travelers traveling from India to other countries.

Skills required for Human Resource Immigration Executives/Specialists:

  • First, he should be expertise with the subject knowledge in terms of immigration
  • Also, he should be thorough with the visa and travel documentation
  • Should be good at handling LCA filings for H1B amendments
  • Should be good at validating and as well as scrutinizing
  • Finally, he should be a good team player
  1. Executive Assistant to C’X’O:

Executive Assistant provides high-quality administrative and clerical assistance to the top level management, it includes receiving visitors, scheduling client/customer meetings, making travel arrangements for business purposes. Maybe also responsible for supervising and training the lower level employees as well.

Skills required for Executive Assistant:

  • Extensive knowledge in payroll or financial studies are preferred
  • He should possess writing as well as vocal communication
  • good at Equipment maintenance as well as travel logistics
  • should be a good organizer
  • Finally, he should be a people person, i.e., he should have good interpersonal skills.