Career options and prospects after MBA in Marketing:

Best paying jobs in MBA marketing
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MBA in marketing is one of the best fields to the people who are extroverts. Although it is open for everyone with any background, if you do Masters in the relevant field you will stand ahead. We can say that marketing is one of the oldest specializations in Management studies. Finally, marketing is the heart of any business, so the scope of marketing is always on the upper side of the scale. As technology fueled up marketing approaches.

Though marketing is considered as the thing that need not be thought, Doing MBA in Marketing helps the students to learn about sales, consumer trends, Marketing skills, Management skills, communication and convincing skills, Marketing Strategies, Market Research etc

Let’s understand, what are the job opportunities available after MBA in Marketing:

  1. Marketing Managers:

The marketing managers are responsible for leading the marketing team of the organization. Also, they are supposed to identify the best marketing strategies and to ensure the growth of the organization.

Skills required for Marketing Manager;

  • Critical thinking
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Project Management
  • Leadership and motivational skills
  • Knowledge of business and management principles
  • Knowledge of current market

One can be successful if they possess above all qualities.

  1. Content Marketing Associate:

CMA of a company is responsible for developing solid and SEO friendly content for the business websites, blogs, image/video content. So, if you read any bit of content related to any company’s website, for that reason CMA should be credited.

Skills required for CMA:

  • Strong writing skills along with grammar
  • Basic or Master’s degree in Marketing or Journalism
  • Exceptional copywriting and content creation skills
  • Innovative
  • Sound background in content curation and repurposing
  • Knowledge of using WordPress and various plugins
  • Sound knowledge of principles of SEO and Analytics.

One can be successful if they possess above all qualities.

  1. Market Research Analyst:

He is responsible for studying the current market situation. And he collects and analyzes information about -what people want, competitor’s analysis etc.

Skills required for Market Research Analyst:

  • Analytical skills
  • Masters in market research or a related field
  • Report writing skills
  • Use Statistical Software to Analyze Data
  • Sound Understanding of Statistical Concepts, Research Methods, and Design
  • Provide Actionable Research Results to Inform Key Business Decisions

One can be successful if they possess above all qualities.

  1. Customer Relations Representatives:

They are usually employed to resolve the customer issues and complaints. They are held responsible for providing information for the customer queries.

Skills required for CRR:

  • Communication/convincing skills
  • Conflict resolving skills
  • Ability to master SAP
  • Advanced knowledge in Microsoft office and windows based applications.
  • Ability to effectively present information and respond to questions from employees, managers, customers and the general public.

One can be successful if they possess above all qualities.

  1. Advertising Managers:

They are responsible for drafting and directing the promotional and innovative advertising campaigns to promote company’s product through media.

Skills required for Advertising managers:

  • Master’s or bachelor’s degree in advertising and journalism.
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Decision-making skills
  • In-depth understanding of advertising artwork and copywriting
  • Also able to manage multiple teams

One can be successful if they possess above all qualities.

  1. Public Relations Managers:

They are responsible for planning and directing various activities to develop a good corporate image which includes usage of logos and signage. They are also responsible for maintaining company’s internet or intranet web pages.

Skills required for Public Relations Manager:

  •   Confident communicator and presenter
  • Have a full understanding of media needs and media relationships
  • they should not only be proactive but also responsible
  • The accreditation from public relations society of India to stand out from the crowd.
  • Tactical understanding of all primary social media platforms

One can be successful if they possess above all qualities.

  1. Brand Managers:

They are responsible for marketing, positioning, and promotion that include advertising, sales promotion activities. so, They plan, develop and direct marketing efforts to increase the performance of the specific brand, product or service.

Skills required for the Brand Manager:

  • In the first place, they Should be Comfort with CRM software
  • In-depth understanding of the company’s current products and future products or concepts.
  •  Should be in hand with proficiency and budget management skills.
  • Similarly, the experience of full marketing mix can be a topping for your job search.
  • Of course, Can be able to influence employees of every level

One can be successful if they possess above all qualities.

  1. Business Development Executives:

They are held responsible for bringing new business to the organization by using various sales and marketing techniques. Hence, their entire day revolves around generating leads, meeting them up, follow up and closing the business deal.

Skills required for BDE role:

  • In hand experience with any CRM software
  • As a matter of fact, he should carry good persuasion/communication skills
  • You can get the certification from the Chartered Institute of Marketing if you wish to improve your skills.
  • Should carry positive attitude and good negotiation skills
  • Excellent business sense is equally important as well.

One can be successful if they possess above all qualities.

  1. Growth Hacker:

Usually, The growth hacker is designated to do marketing (but not exactly) but by increasing client, user database by experimenting various channels of promotion and marketing mix.

Skills required for growth Hacker:

  • Focus on 3 aspects of business i.e., (growth, growth, and growth)
  • Should be fan of A/B testing
  • Good at analytics and data- driven
  • Generally, he should be Super creative
  • Insane about scalability of performance
  • Also, Should be user- centric.
  • Extremely inquisitive in nature (eager to learn)

One can be successful if they possess above all qualities.

  1. Digital Marketing Manager (SMO/SMM/Campaign Management):

This can be termed as a new role which is gaining immense importance in business growth and existence because it ensures the positive public image of the company and its products among the internet users. Finally, they are appointed to attract the prospects of the business or target niche by connecting digitally using various social media platforms. They strive to generate traffic to company’s website.

Skills required for DMM:

  • All things considered, he/ she Should be self-motivated and entrepreneurial
  • Proven track record in moving the needle on a brand’s awareness, trial and sales through digital marketing.
  • Good at writing catchy content
  • Should be good at SMO, Google analytics, and SMM
  • knowledge of ad serving tools (e.g., DART, Atlas)
  • Good at setting up and optimizing Google AdWord campaigns.
  • Finally, Working knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript development.

In conclusion:

Hence, you can propel your career in the extensive fields of marketing just by scaling up all the requirements for that role. we have mentioned only a few among all, there are an even number of catchy roles that worth joining.