Best way to answer “Tell me about yourself” question in an interview:

How to answer tell me about yourself interview question
Business people waiting for job interview

We all know that interviewers sometimes start the interview process with an open-end-question like – “Tell me about yourself”. Because it is an ice-breaking yet important question where candidates blurt out their entire life stories but wait what exactly the interviewers want to hear from you?

Well, the interviewer wants information that is pertinent to the job you’re interviewing for.

“How to nail tell me about yourself question”, let’s look into this in detail-


  1. Avoid giving your mundane personal information- stay focused:
    Obviously, the recruiter doesn’t want your entire story, remember their sole focus is what you can do for their company. So give an outline of your relevant personal aspects of your background. And even put forward your key skills that would help you to add value if you were hired for your target job.
  2. Speak out with your Bonafides/credentials:

Give away your level of pride you feel for the special credentials that you carry. Also, spot out the hardships you overcome in achieving those credentials. This is the easy way to remember you and makes you special from the rest of multitude of the candidates. Since your official bonafide is the first thing they are going to hear.

  1. It’s not about you; it’s about what for them?

One of the best ways to grab the recruiter’s attention and make him understand that you are different is going into detail about- why you are passionate about that job.  So, all you have to do is tie the personal hobbies and interest to the requirements of the job in this question. Moreover, don’t make it seems like you are interested in paychecks alone.

  1. Craft your story around:

It’s time to lane a catchy story that acts as a red flag for the recruiter in search of applicants. Remember your goal is to engage your interviewer. And the best way to do that is to draft a story where you displayed your traits in a practical situation. It really doesn’t matter if the story is one about the work you might be doing directly. As long as it highlights a major and applicable achievement.


That’s all, remember maybe it is an open ended question, but that doesn’t mean that you can answer everything. Now, by adding all these tips and truisms to your answer is the best way to show your recruiters interest on you.