5 smart ways to brand yourself while in job hunting

Personal branding for job search
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We have written some pointers regarding “how to do personal branding” in our earlier blog. Now in this blog, we want to share something about modern ways to brand yourself which can fetch you a job.

Well, we have been thought that firm handshakes, professional attire, catchy attitude followed by good credentials are makings for a good first impression. But those days are gone now!

Thanks to the advent of various social media sites like Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, blogs for making anyone to be known by everyone. So, what we tend to say is, a successful product requires successful branding, likewise-

“A successful personnel requires successful personal branding”.

So, want to know more about personal branding?

Let’s start looking into the various ways of personal branding

  1. Personal website/blogging:

Your personal website should be the best friend of you in your job search. We can assure you that it is going to be your single biggest and best way to get the brand that is “you” out there for the world to see. Personal websites are also a great way to share what others think of you.

Well, blogging can also be termed as the best way to set you apart from the crowd. All you have to do is,

  • Focus on a topic you’re passionate about, even if it has nothing to do with the position you hope to get. This reflects your personal brand.
  • Consider a number of options ranging from traditional written blog to short-form blogging, or photo blogging.
  • Place this in your skills section and hyperlink your URL in.
  1. Business cards:

We strongly believe that people you meet in your day-to-day activities could be your potential reference for the job that you dreamt off. On saying that, we don’t mean that you should have just a card-stock with your name printed on it. It should contain your picture, Full name, your personal brand statement, and your contact information.

Remember, it is a quick and easy physical reminder of who are you? To the prospects. It is the cheap and easy way to make yourself visible.

  1. Social media accounts:

Stay connected to various social media websites, where people can search for you and know more about you. Be it your prospect employers, hiring managers, recruiters, your friends, and the list goes on. Being active in the social media makes you popular. But care must be taken while picking up the content to share through your account, the things that you will share should project you as a prospect.

  1. Social media cover letters/Resumes:

We’ve done few posts on how to write an enticing paper-based CV and resume. But now we are going to take a step forward, Resumes that are social media friends are a great way to help attract hiring managers to you.

Your social media resume should do three things for you:

  • Represent yourself accurately as a brand.
  • It should project your abilities, strengths as well as talents.
  • Mostly it should attract hiring managers, recruiters and let them come to you rather than you going to them.
  1. Create a video:


Aren’t you an excellent videographer? That’s okay; still, you can record one excellent explanatory video for yourself, where you can blurb something about yourself. Trust us; it is a smart way to boost your chances of being remembered for the position.

Take it in this way, if we consider youtube views with blog views then it is maximum to the core.

Pointers to remember while creating a video:

  • Be creative: don’t simply readout from your resume loud. Don’t lose your eye contact, find the best ways to project yourself smart and creative. Concentrate more on what you are going to do in future, rather than what you have done earlier.
  • Follow KISS principal (keep it short and sweet):

    Remember your employers don’t have time to sit and watch your 10 minutes video. No matter how much you entertain him. 2 min video is ideal.

Final thoughts:

Finding the perfect job for you takes time, but always remember that “Action speaks louder than words”.

Be sure that you are sharing what you are exactly. Don’t exaggerate things. This mighty acts of you may project you smart and avoid you to count the job only as a pay cheque.

As always! Be creative, have fun and get the job. J

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